Balance Up: 42 Days to Maximize, Energize, and Organize Your Life

What is Balance Up?

  1. An online training program created by Financial Life Coach Bryan Cooper to help you improve in the areas of Money and Life Management.
  2. A program that paces you through the materials in 10-15 minute daily lessons for 5 days a week over a 6 week period. Some sessions require additional time to work through the different exercises as you establish your spending plan, goals, and priorities. See the 42 day Lesson Plan.
  3. Each lesson is delivered to your email inbox every morning. Couples can receive the lessons in their individual email accounts for total scheduling flexibility.

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Try out Balance Up!

Could you use help with your time management? Well, if you are like most people, the answer is a resounding YES! Watch these three lessons (and download the accompanying outlines to follow along with the video).

  1. Time Management (Part 1)   outline
  2. Time Management (Part 2)   outline
  3. Procrastination Management  outline

Take a look at the complete Balance Up lesson index here.

How can Balance Up help me to bring balance into my life?

Balance Up is more than just learning how to manage money. It is about establishing personal goals, managing your time, and determining and managing your priorities. You only have so many hours in a day, so it is important that you invest your time doing what is important to you and doing for those who are important to you. Not only do you want to be focused on what is important, but you also want to do it efficiently.

Balance Up is about financial management. It starts by helping you to determine exactly where you are financially. The lessons provide you the knowledge you need to make good financial decisions and to reduce your expenses. It walks you through how to establish a workable spending plan and gives you the know-how to eliminate your debt. It shows you how to build your savings account for emergencies so that you can pay cash for items such as house repairs (roofs don't last forever), car repairs, and car replacements. Don't want your children making the same mistakes? Balance Up includes a section on teaching your children how to manage money during different stages of their lives.

Balance Up is different than most other programs because it combines Goal Setting, Financial Management, Prioritization Management, Time Management, and Life Balance into a single program. In the mid 90's Bryan developed and delivered corporate training in the areas of Goal Setting, Action Planning, and Time Management, so he understands adult learners. Bryan has combined that experience with his experience in financial coaching to create Balance Up.

What are the Eight Steps to Balance Up?

Balance Up - Maximize, Energize, and Organize Your Financial Life

  1. Know your financial condition.
  2. Determine your goals. Think LONG-TERM.
  3. Make better financial decisions; calculate the REAL cost of every purchase you make.
  4. Create your spending plan--maximize your income.
  5. Create and maintain life balance.

    (Areas covered: Time Management, Procrastination Management, Prioritization Management, and Goal Setting. Also includes the Six Areas of a Balanced Life: Spiritual, Family, Health & Life, Relationships, Career, and Financial)

  6. Establish an emergency fund of $1500.
  7. Eliminate your debt (except the house).
  8. Establish your Emergency Living Expense Fund.

Looks interesting. . . . What is the cost and how do I start?

There is a $29.99 one-time charge. No monthly fees . . . you pay just $29.99 to have the entire program delivered to your inbox five times a week for six weeks. No workbooks to buy (it is a downloadable PDF) and no special software. For less than $1.00 per lesson you can change your life.

*Unfortunately, Balance Up is currently unavailable to purchase.

I'm an employer or non-profit organization/church that would like to provide this program to my employees/members. Can this be setup for large groups to go through together?

For organizations having 25 or more employees/members/participating units, we can work with you in setting up everyone via a bulk process spreadsheet rather than having each family unit register and pay individually. Contact us to contact us about bulk ordering and pricing.

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